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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Celebrating October Awareness Month and Halloween !!


Celebrating October Awareness Month and Halloween!!!

Breast Cancer Awareness
Ovarian Cancer
Lung Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Liver Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Sarcoma, Bone Cancer
Brain Cancer
Multiple Myeloma
Colon Cancer
Childhood Cancer
Head and Neck Cancer
National Bullying Month

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Open House at Jefferson County Public Library

Open house at the Jefferson County Public Library on August 17, 2019.  Pictured are the members of Friends of the Jefferson County Public Library, Andrew Jackson-Member, Joeretha Stringer-Vice President,
Emma Walton-Board of Directors,
Shavone Doss-Library Assistant,
Martha Crayton-Secretary, Delores Rankin - Treasurer, Samuel White-President,
Tim Medley-Donor to the Library Renovation Project and Brenda Rankin-Jefferson County Public Library Branch Manager.

Belinda Nickels - Board of Directors
Representative Jeffery Harness - District 85
Emma Walton - Board of Directors
Friends of the Jefferson County public Librayr, Emma Walton, Tim Medley and Rose King-Harriette Person Memorial Library of Port Gibson, MS
Mayor Londell Eanochs, City of Fayette, MS

Tim Medley and Cammie Hutcherson - Jeff. Co. Board of Supv. - Dist.2


Winners of the Door Prizes